It’s A Mimic!

E169 - Dungeon Mastery - Variant Rules: Class Dippings, Taking Whippings, and Fun Equippings

April 19, 2022

In this episode of the It’s A Mimic! Podcast, this panel of Dungeon Masters sits down and cracks open the discussion on variant rules.  There are dozens of options in the published material for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, and some of you might be unnecessarily making homebrew rules without realizing there are already other options out there for you.  This show has already dug into the experience-based variants in E047, so it’s time to look at special character creation rules, unique healing and damage rules, and some interesting entries about unique weapons.


Cold Open 0:00
Intro 1:07
Customizing Ability Scores 5:29
Customizing Your Lineage 14:33
Multiclassing 23:57
Commercial Break 35:12
Healing 36:15
Rest and Sleep 46:35
Injuries 51:17
Massive Damage 55:34
Social Media Info 58:40
Firearms, Explosives, and Alien Technology 1:00:07
Adamantine Weapons 1:16:35
Wands That Don’t Recharge 1:19:11
Outro 1:25:00
Post-Credit 1:25:56
Bloopers 1:28:1




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Dungeon Master:  Adam Nason
Host 2:  Dave Nason
Host 3:  James Sealy


Written by:  Adam Nason
Director:  Adam Nason
Audio Editor:  Brad McMann
Video Editor:  Adam Nason
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