It’s A Mimic!

E173 - Class - Fighters: Schleppin’ Weapons and Wielding Shieldings

May 17, 2022

This episode of the It’s A Mimic! podcast heads to the Sword Coast and the distant realm of Exandria to cover the Fighter subclasses listed there, before looking at the pages of Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything to look at new options in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition.  It’s not all swinging swords and surging action, though, as the panel of Dungeon Masters has discovered.  So grab your heavy armour and push the nerd with the spellbook out of the way, because this episode launches into three more subclasses, as well as the Optional Class Features offered in Tasha’s.


Cold Open 0:00
Intro 0:30
Fighter Overview  04:44
Tasha’s Options 25:03
Commercial Break 46:49
Purple Dragon Knight 49:25
Social Media Info 1:03:02
Echo Knight 1:04:22
Character Builds 1:28:49
Outro 1:34:33
Post-Credit 1:35:53
Bloopers 1:37:43




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Dungeon Master:  Adam Nason
Host 2:  Megan Lengle
Host 3:  Kyle McQuaid


Written by:  Adam Nason
Director:  Adam Nason
Audio Editor:  Dan O’Coin
Video Editor:  Adam Nason
Produced by:  Dan O’Coin and Adam Nason
Executive Producers:  Dan O’Coin and Adam Nason
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