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E185 - Lore - The Lawful Planes: A Plane for Everything and Everything in Its Plane

August 9, 2022

This episode focuses on the three most orderly planes in the Forgotten Realms cosmology, and looks at what you can expect as players in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.  For The Nine Hells, check out E025 and E025F, and for Mount Celestia, check out episode E178.  In this episode, the panel of Dungeon Masters jumps up and down on the morality scale, as they explore Mechanus, Arcadia, and Acheron.


Cold Open 0:00
Intro 1:18
Law Alignment 3:41
Mechanus 15:41
Commercial Break 32:05
Acheron 32:56
Social Media Info 46:16
Arcadia 46:40
Outro 57:42
Post-Credits 1:01:02
Bloopers 1:02:27



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Dungeon Master:  Coffee Bitch Dave
Host 2:  Megan Lengle
Host 3:  James Sealy

Written by:  Coffee Bitch Dave and Adam Nason
Director:  Coffee Bitch Dave
Audio Editor:  Brad McMann
Video Editor:  Adam Nason
Produced by:  Brad McMann and Adam Nason
Executive Producers:  Dan O’Coin and Adam Nason
Intro/Outro Music by:  Cory Wiebe
Logo by:  Katie Skidmore at

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