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W003 - Wizards Tower - Frilnar in the Cargo Car

April 1, 2022

In this special April Fools Day special, the It's A Mimic! podcast gets back around the table to have some crazy arcane shenanigans with the one and only ne'er-do-well (as in they never do well) thieves guild: The Black Hand.  That's okay, though, as the guild has sent three of its top agents, Human Bard Inspara Dice (played by Kyle), Copper Dragonborn Fighter Kalope "Kall" (played by Megan), and Lizardfolk Ranger Nuxlokkusk Ugurqozk Grarzixxausk (dammit...  blame his player, DAVE) - to retrieve the "Eye of the Beholder" a powerful elemental gem.  And where is it, you might ask?  At the helm of the Sovereign's Song, a lightning rail servicing the route from the City of Towers to the monstrous country Droaam.  Dungeon Masters Dan, Adam, and Terry have put together a fun little challenge on The Sovereign's Song, but none of our illustrious DM's know what the former has prepped.  It's bound to be a chaotic romp in an It's A Mimic! actual play of Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition!  

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Terry 2:11:57
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Dungeon Master 1:  Dan 
Dungeon Master 2:  Adam 
Dungeon Master 3:  Terry 
Player 1:  Megan
Player 2:  Kyle
Player 3:  Dave

Written by:  Dan O’Coin, Adam Nason, Terry Williams
Director:  Dan O’Coin and Adam Nason
Audio Editor:  Dan O'Coin
Video Editor:  Adam Nason
Produced by:  Dan O'Coin
Executive Producers:  Dan O’Coin and Adam Nason
Intro/Outro Music by:  Cory Wiebe
Background Music by: "Sir Fireheart" by Ean Grimm, and "Grundar" by Alexander Nakarada
Logo by:  Katie Skidmore at

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